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It all starts with the dj...

DJ's have come a LONG way since the days of old time radio. Instead of passively playing to an unknown audience that may or may not enjoy the music, DJ's now control the feel of a whole room!

A DJ has to work with great equipment including the best lighting, the best sound system and the best personality to make it all work together to get the party absolutely pumping!

A great DJ is a vibe maker. Not just a music player. This is the heart of what we do. Every event we work has a unique vibe that combines the ambience of the room, the lighting and the music we play. 

Select your package and select your DJ from our selection of allied SounDJack DJs and your set! 


Let Shake It Up Sound & Lighting bring your event to the next level.

With the largest lighting setup in the city you and your guests will not be disappointed.